Environmental Biotech

Environmental Services

Water Analysis

 Domestic Drinking water
 Effluent/Industrial wastewater
 Ground water
 Surface/River/Pond water
 Swimming pool water
 Bottle water-USA
 Package Drinking water
 Natural mineral water
 BW/IBWA (International Bottle Water Association)
 EPA Testing Parameters
 WHO Testing Parameters
 The Council of European Community (EEC)
 Sterile Purified water
 Purified Water
 High Purified water
 Sterile Water for Injection
 Water for Injection
 Bacteriostatic water for Injection
 Distilled Water
 Water for Diluting Haemodialysis Solution
 Cooling towers

Soil Analysis

For EIA For Agriculture
pH Phosphorus available
Electrical Conductivity(EC) Potash available
Bulk Density Sodium
Colour Cationexchange capacity
Particle size distribution Sodium Absorption Ration (SAR)
Soil moisture Total Organic Carbon(TOC)
Mechanical soil analysis (soil texture) Nitrate
Water handing capacity Nitrite
Organic carbon/ matter Total water soluble salt
Nitrogen available Trace metal using ICP

Air Analysis

Work Zone Monitoring   |   Indoor Air Monitoring   |   Ambient Air Monitoring

 Sulphur Dioxide (Sox)
 NOx in the Atmosphere
 PM 10, PM 2.5
 Carbon Monoxide (CO)
 Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAHs)
 C1 to C5 Hydrocarbons (By GC)
 Non methane Hydrocarbon (By GC)
 Volatile Organic Carbon (VOCs)

Stack Analysis

 Particulate Matter
 Velocity and Flow
 Sulphur Dioxide
 Acid Mist
 Total Fluoride
 Hydrogen Sulphide
 Carbon Disulphide
 Carbon Dioxide
 Carbon Monoxide

Biological Analysis

 Total Coliforms – To check the fecal contamination in water. (By MPN)
 Fecal Colifroms, E.Coli – To check the fecal contamination in water. (By MPN)
 Fecal Streptococci – The fecal streptococci group is indicator of fecal pollution of water because the general habitat of these organisms is the intestine of the man and animals.
 Enumeration of Enterococcus – The Enterococcus group is a subgroup of the fecal streptococci that includes S.faecalis,S.faecium, S. gallinarum and S.avium.
 TVC (Total viable count) – To check the total number of bacterial Colony Forming Units on solid medium.
 Disinfectant efficacy test - This test is performed to establish and ensure the effectiveness of disinfectant to control the surface bio-load in production area.
 Environmental monitoring of clean rooms – To check the microbial and particulate content of clean room air and surface.
 Biological indicator incubation - To check the efficacy of sterilization.
 Bacteria Identification – Identification of bacterial cultures by using PCR technique.
 Fungal Identification – Identification of fungal cultures by using PCR technique.
 Bio-burden Test – To check the microbial load of the of the sample by using membrane filtration technique.
 Fish Toxicity Testing – To check the toxicity of the substance by LC50/LD50 method.
 Earthworm Toxicity Test – To check the toxicity of the substance by paper contact toxicity test or by artificial soil test. Biodiversity assessment (Shannon’s Index, Palmer pollution index, Simpson’s index)
 Aquatic toxicity study
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